Power of nature to get amazing crystal clear skin.

Our facial rollers have just landed, and we just can’t wait to share the benefits of this ultimate zen experience.

The numerous benefits of crystal healing therapies, have been known for centuries, and incorporating the benefits of these organic crystals into your daily skincare routine provides is a must!

Firstly the action of rolling immediately improves circulation and helps remove and eliminate toxins via lymphatic drainage. As your face muscles are activated you will see your complexion become more radiant and glowing.

These crystal rollers offer a pure, natural alternative solution for getting the perfect complexion, instead of using surgical procedures and needles.
All our amazing Crystal facial rollers have been created by hand and help skin relax as well as boost circulation, uplift, tone and help banish wrinkles, and with each one having unique and numerous benefits, you are sure to find the right one for you.

All our rollers are super simple to use, and each one will help skin absorb your skincare much more effectively than simply using your hands. You will notice an immediate impact as soon as you begin using the roller, as you feel its beautiful cool sensation against your skin.

Each crystal has unique properties and it’s important to understand the benefits of each one.

Price for each roller is £24.00

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