About the Halal Cosmetics Company

After years of research and development, the team at The Halal Cosmetics Company are delighted to introduce a formula of innovative and revolutionary skincare. Innovative because of the powerful, all-natural ingredients we use in our products to deliver luxury and nourishment in one neat package. Revolutionary because, as well as being paraben and SLS-free – unusually for the cosmetics industry – our skincare products are all halal.

The inspiration behind our brand is company founder and director, Salma Chaudhry. In 2009 this mum of 4 was faced with every woman’s nightmare when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was devastating and Salma began looking deeper into her lifestyle to find out if there were any connections to her diagnosis. When she researched the ingredients in the cosmetics she used, she began to uncover a darker side of beauty. Salma was shocked at some of the harmful ingredients used in cosmetics and for the first time in her life she realised that a lot of these products contained haram ingredients. In fact, there was no certainty that any of them were halal.

Halal Cosmetic Company

Salma began her journey to develop a skincare and cleansing range which was ethical in every possible way without compromising on luxury and quality. Now, after years of research, development and testing, she has successfully launched a range of products that genuinely work at many different levels to preserve beauty and prevent skin damage. A range which truly offers, “PEACE of mind from dawn till dusk”.

In June 2013 Salma was awarded the Fusion “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and was shortlisted as a finalist in the Enterprise Vision Awards for the “Beauty Business of the Year” category.

Our signature range of products contains one of the most powerful antioxidants discovered to date, Astaxanthin, described by some scientists as a miracle of nature.

There are 3 main elements to our range, which have been specifically designed to work in harmony to nourish and dramatically improve the condition of your skin. These are a combination of age defying capsules, anti-ageing creams and a luxury organic cleansing range.

Our ethical principles mean that we are completely against cruelty to animals. In fact, all our testing has been done only on family and friends! We are also committed to investing back into our community and have undertaken to support a nominated charity every year through special fundraising events and promotions.

We are also very proud to be British and work to promote UK talent wherever possible. For this reason everything about our products, from the design of our labels to the bottles we use, has been proudly made in the UK and to the highest British standards.